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Stately is a Japanese online shop that selects valuable fashion items from around the world.

Stately = dignified

Our motto is to have a dignified self without being influenced by the times,

Incorporating modern fashion trends,

We propose a mix of authentic items that have been loved since ancient times from a unique perspective.

Regular member of Japan Association for Distribution Control (AACD)

Reliable authenticity guarantee

The Japan Distribution Association (AACD) is a private organization established in April 1998 with the aim of preventing and eliminating the distribution of "counterfeit products" and "unauthorized products" in the parallel import goods market. In order to create a reliable market for branded products where consumers can shop with peace of mind, we collaborate with related organizations, organizations, and related companies, and establish our own voluntary product handling standards. We have established a monitoring and management system and are actively conducting activities.

Our company is a regular member company of AACD (membership number: W-170), and since our founding we have never handled counterfeits and have delivered products of consistent quality to our customers. In the unlikely event that the product is defective or counterfeit, we will give you a full refund, so please shop with confidence.

Reasons why we can achieve low prices

Since Stately handles parallel imported products from overseas, we do not purchase through authorized domestic distributors, so there is no need to adjust the selling price due to intermediate costs, so we offer lower prices than products handled by domestic distributors. We are happy to do so.

Conditions such as price and service may vary depending on the import route, but the product will be the same as the official product. Nowadays, parallel importing itself is becoming commonplace, and purchasing items from overseas sites by individuals also constitutes parallel importing.